The hosts

Maria and Kristof are the co-organisers of the local milonga A las siete en el KAdECafe in Amersfoort, Netherland.

Maria Hsu

Maria's passion for tango has taken her to many countries on four continents. She appreciates and values the beautiful energy, music, lifelong learning, embrace, acceptance, friendship and the love that is shared in tango communities in every of those countries.

She always dreamt the impossible and one of them was to invite tango friends from all over the world in her beloved medieval town of Amersfoort! Sharing the magical power of embraces together in Amersfoort once a year!

Kristof Elst

Kristof has been spotted and made tango-friends at encuentros and tango events all over the world. He is a well loved and respected tango DJ having played in the US and Europe at many events. He's also an amateur photographer and a tango videographer. Some of his work can be found on his Youtube channel.  

Kristof has also starred in a tango-based movie “Two to Tango”